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The B2B sales landscape is continuously evolving, reshaped by today’s connected, hyper-educated buyers (Hollison, n.d.). With easy access to an array of content, buyers are now completing up to 60% of the buying process before making contact with a salesperson (Corporate Executive Board, 2014). So what does this mean for B2B selling?



Analogue sales methodologies are becoming more and more ineffective, which has resulted in a significant impact on sales revenue growth. Sales-led organizations utilizing analogue sales methodologies are now facing inaccurate data, analytics and insight, as well as numerous sales content limitations.


Inaccurate Data, Analytics and Insight.

Analogue sales methodologies provide little or no data from out in the field due to the reliance on manual data entry. Salespeople spend the majority of their time on the road moving from meeting to meeting, too time poor to enter data into the CRM system. Therefore sales data that is eventually entered into the CRM system tends to be outdated and inaccurate, useless for management.

As a result salespeople are effectively walking into a sales meeting blind. Salespeople have no insight into which collateral is relevant to a prospect in order to deliver successful results, and resort to a game of twenty questions with buyers in the hope they will trigger a response as to what their core pain is.


Sales Content Limitations.

Analogue sales methodologies restricts a salesperson’s ability to deliver effective sales conversations. The days of hooking buyers into making a purchase decision on a product or services features and price are over. Sales content needs to match the buyer’s journey in order to resonate. Hyper-educated buyers have already completed thorough research and are aware of a product or services specifications and benefits before engaging with a salesperson. This results in buyers self-diagnosing the solution they believe is required to solve their pain points.

Buyer’s now expect salespeople to walk into a meeting with a demonstrated understanding of deep product and industry knowledge. Thus engaging at such a late stage in the buying process requires an in-depth, agile approach driven by data and insight sophistication. The key is for salespeople to start working smarter.


Today’s most innovative organisations have implemented a digital sales workspace, the suite of tools enabling sales teams to work smarter. Building on a solid CRM-focused internal mindset, digital sales tools are bridging the gap between CRM based intelligence and real-time sales performance. This results in a highly valuable impact on sales revenue when used effectively in combination.


Conduct Business On The Go

Salespeople armed with a digital workspace have the ability to effectively conduct business anywhere, at any time. There is no longer the need for salespeople to prepare for sales meetings months in advance. Sales collateral is available at a salesperson’s fingertips, with access to product and service information, insights and supplementary information.


Complete Administrative Tasks With Ease

Enabling sales teams with a digital workspace removes the need for salespeople to manually enter data into the CRM system. Salespeople can input valuable insights and feedback as a sales meeting takes place with ease. Digital sales tools integrate with CRM systems, as a CRM activation platform. Sales data from the sales force automatically syncs in real-time back to the CRM system, enabling management to monitor efforts closely.


Continuously Improve The Sales Process

Today’s most innovative organizations are utilizing real-time sales data the digital workspace provides to the max, in order to continuously improve the sales process. Sales data and insights direct from the sales force are invaluable, they are like pieces of gold providing management with insight as to which sales content resonates with buyers. Thus management can make informed decisions, pinpoint sales efforts delivering the highest return and scale these across the entire sales force. Management also has the ability to experiment with sales efforts, adjustments can be made with little time delay in response to buyer behaviour.


Meet The Needs Of Hyper-Educated Buyers

With constant access to sales collateral, salespeople have the ability to consistently engage buyers with disruptive insights, and shape the buying process to accelerate sales and close more business. Salespeople can pinpoint a prospects stage in the buying process, thus delivering relevant insights in context with their situation. This provides buyers with a valuable solution which not only solves their current problem but enhances the overall operations of their organization.



The digital sales workspace is transforming B2B selling, enabling sales teams to work smarter. Salespeople can meet the needs of hyper-educated buyers as their ability to deliver relevant insight is enhanced. The digital sales workspace injects velocity into the sales force, enabling salespeople to close more business with an accelerated sales process. Ultimately driving sales revenue growth forward.



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