Stay Motivated While Working From Home


As we work to contain the spread of this pandemic, employees everywhere are being asked to work from home. In some instances, it’s by employers and for others, such as those of us in The Bay Area, by our local government. This past week, we received notice that from Tuesday night at midnight until at least April 7th we are required to “shelter in place,” to hopefully curb the coronavirus spreading rapidly through our region.

I keep reading online that this is a “government implemented staycation.” However, it’s not. We still have deadlines, quotas, and budgets to make. With so many distractions, between kids, pets, and our streaming services, we have to stay motivated!

Here are a few tips for you, as an employee, to stay motivated while working from home:

  1. Wake up early. Keeping a routine and continuing to get up early, as you would if you had to go into the office, encourages productivity.
  2. Create a workspace. Since you will be working from home for the foreseeable future, pick a space where you can come back to every day.
  3. Follow your work schedule. Sticking to your normal workday routine or schedule can help to put you in a business mindset. Layout your daily and weekly business objectives and stick to them! Avoid rolling over unfinished tasks to the next day or week.
  4. Minimize distractions. If it’s not just you in your home or apartment, be sure you set up your workspace where you won’t be distracted by the television, music, numerous interruptions, etc.
  5. End your day at your normal time. One danger of working remotely is overworking. Don’t get burned out!

Another tip I keep coming across is “use productivity software.” When you read this, I’m sure Slack, Dropbox, and Asana are top of mind, but another that should is Qotient!

This past week we have been swamped helping our vendors get set up and deploy our remote engagement platform throughout their channel sales. Our software gives vendors the capability to reach partners, capture mindshare, and ensure that they are building pipeline. While at the same time, it provides sales partners the ability to have stronger sales conversations and stay motivated through rewards and recognition. 

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