The Value of Distribution


In a rapidly growing and competitive market, it is essential to understand the value of having the right distributors in your channel program. Distributors are a vital element to your entire supply chain, allowing you to expand your reach and grow revenue more effectively. Their primary function is to bridge the gap between production and consumption by providing several essential services:

  1. Salesmanship. A distribution channel often includes sales agents. Sales agents offer pre-sale and post-sale services to your customers. Through salesmanship and direct customer contact, you receive genuine consumer feedback.
  2. Market insights. This feedback allows you to have a better understanding of pricing, market demand, competition. Helping you to formulate future strategies.
  3. Distribution effectiveness. Not only do established distributors provide market insight, but they can readily tap into their partner network to help with market coverage.
  4. Product promotion. By running specific campaigns through your distribution channel, you can quickly increase mindshare and promote not only your product but your entire brand.
  5. Scale of operation. Through the assistance of sales, marketing, merchandising, distribution, and warehousing.

As companies begin to look forward to business post-coronavirus, the need for a strong distribution network becomes clearer. For many, their distribution supply chain proved to not be effective in a volatile marketplace. However, with the help of a distributor, you can continue to sell and meet revenue goals, no matter what external factors you may be experiencing.

For example, in a recent article by CRN, Michael Urban, from distribution company, Synnex, explained what his company was doing to alleviate pain points in the face of a pandemic. Such as working to predict the changes in customer demand, offset potential impacts of production and delivery delays, and keep vendors, partners, and customers updated.

Here at Qotient, we understand the importance of this, which is why we’ve partnered with distribution powerhouses here in the United States. Giving them the capability to drive net new pipeline throughout their channel networks quickly, efficiently, and at scale — bringing you closer to your partners and consumers.

Are you ready to maximize the potential of your distribution channel? Contact our sales team or request a demo! We look forward to discussing how our software platform can help!

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