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Over the past few weeks, we have been meeting with numerous new vendors about adapting and integrating our channel engagement platform throughout their channel ecosystem. During these conversations, one question that keeps coming up is channel analytics. How does Qotient help you to determine the health of your channel regarding early-stage pipeline and activity? What analytics do you have access to?

Well, we were waiting to do a press release on the exciting new changes that our team has made to our insight dashboard, but it seems like there is no better time than now.


Our brand new, easy to navigate dashboards enable you to see real-time metrics and analytics which provide you with the critical information you need to better understand and determine the health of your channel ecosystem, and what may or may not be working.

When you open your dashboard, you are first welcomed to the brand-new Overview page shown below, which provides you with a summarized analytical report of all the data our platform collects and tracks. At the top, you see a “quick-glance” preview of the metrics that tend to be most valuable to vendors as they determine the health of their business. The middle section labeled “Conversation Trend,” shows an overview of how many conversations are being had per day, and are broken down by their outcomes: positive, neutral, and negative.  In the final section labeled “Talk Track Effectiveness,” you get a clear understanding of which talk tracks are being used and how effective they are at generating the desired outcome.



The second tab listed on the left is the brand-new Pre-Pipeline dashboard, shown below. This dashboard gives you a more in-depth breakdown and ability to view the raw data of the results shown on the Overview page.  In the top section labeled “Pre-Pipeline,” you can view a breakdown of how much your channel partners have generated during a specific period.  Next, you see the analyses of the total pipeline produced by three different variables: partner, seller, and conversation. These metrics enable you to understand who your top-performing partners and sellers are, while also allowing you to see which of your deployed talk-tracks are and are not working. Lastly, the two filterable “Leaderboard” tables at the bottom of the page allow you to view detailed data on each partner and seller in your channel network.


The third tab on the left is the new Outcomes dashboard, shown below. Again, this dashboard gives you a more in-depth breakdown of the results shown on the Overview page. The top section labeled “Conversations” provides detailed insights into the total number of conversations had during a specific period, and the outcomes they resulted in positive, neutral, or negative.  The bottom left-hand section shows a summary total of the outcome types shown in the “Conversations” section.” The last metric shown on the bottom right-hand side of this page is a breakdown of how much pre-pipeline each positive outcome is generating. This information is particularly important to better understanding which conversations are working and should be emphasized in the future.


Lastly, the final tab listed on the left-hand side gives you access to all of the raw data of all the conversations had per each specific period.


We are incredibly excited to share all of the upgrades to our Vendor Dashboard with you! Are you ready to have a healthier and more competent channel network based on real-time analytics? If so, our team of channel experts are ready to help! Don’t wait for your pipeline to begin drying up to make a change, contact our sales team or request a demo today!

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