Take the Spotlight OFF Tiger King and Back ON Your Channel


Here we are, over a month into our stay at home orders, and for the most part, settled into our “new normal.” While many employees have been filling their days with homeschooling, the news, Tiger King, Frozen 2, and scrolling through their social newsfeeds, we at Qotient, have been slammed! Vendors and distributors alike have been utilizing our platform through our talk tracks, games, and rewards. Now more than ever, they recognize the importance of shining a light onto their “channel blind spot,” while finding better ways to incentivize and motivate their channel partners.


While there are numerous pain points that our software platform helps to uncover and alleviate, the four (4) we spend most of our day focusing on are recruitment, enablement, incentivization, and optimization. As we explain these four pain points specifically, we invite you to connect with us for whichever one you’re experiencing the most and would like help fixing!

Recruitment: How do you evaluate the effectiveness of your Partner recruitment program?

Currently, the effectiveness of your Channel Partner recruitment can only be measured based on the time it takes from onboarding to the first sale. And, while only 35% of companies have effective onboarding and coaching for their channel salespeople, this can be extremely hard to determine. Our software platform gives you real-time data and measurements, which allows you to better evaluate the effectiveness of your partnerships by knowing who is the most successful and what they are doing to drive success.Channel Recruitment

Enablement: How do you measure the performance of your enablement programs, and how long does it take to determine the value of an enabled Partner?

Having the ability to measure the performance and value of an enable Partner is vital to the health of your channel, but it can be incredibly difficult. How do you know if your Partners are utilizing the collateral you provide to them and effectively enabling them to sell your products? With our Talk Track Framework, you can easily track the effectiveness and success of sales conversations, and more easily determine what is or is not working.Channel Enablement

Incentivization: How do you ensure your MDF allocation is driving the behavior you want from your Partners?

Because of the “channel blind spot,” most vendors cannot definitively say that the amount their spending on MDF (market development funds) is reaping the necessary outcomes. The gamification and rewards of our platform enable you to put the fun, competitive drive back into your sales teams, without having to do a ton of extra work! You define and rewards and objectives for the game, and then our team recruits and executes it within your Channel Partner Network. Driving the behaviors and outcomes, you are looking for from your Partners.Channel Incentivization

Optimization: How do you make decisions about the adjustments you make to your Channel?

Your current lack of visibility into the activity and performance of your Channel Partner Network is making it difficult to identify where you need to make adjustments. With the use of our software, you gain real-time insight into the performance of your channel partner investments, instead of waiting for failed pipeline and revenue generation to realize you have a problem. This immediate insight enables your team to engage with your Partners early and take corrective action to make them successful.Channel Optimization

When reading that, did you recognize any of the pain points you deal with in your channel? Don’t wait, contact our team of channel experts or request a demo to learn how we can help you! Not only with the frustrations listed above, but any stemming from the lack of engagement into your channel

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