The Five Best Sales Acceleration Stats



Recently we have been looking into how sales teams can better handle the complexity of today’s evolving B2B sales landscape and accelerate sales with the digital sales workspace. The digital sales workspace is the suite of tools bridging the gap between CRM based intelligence and real time sales performance.

The digital sales workspace is enabling sales teams with the right sales tools and information to deliver effective sales conversations. This results in shorter sales cycles, creating better pipeline and higher win rates. 


Here are the five best stats organizations have achieved as a result of enabling their sales force with a sales acceleration platform.   

  • Organisations utilizing sales enablement tools that track engagements have cut their sales cycles by 18% (Aberdeen Group, as cited by Entrepreneur, 2015). This is a result of management’s ability to pinpoint the sales collateral and insights proving most effective in real-time. These sales efforts can be scaled across the entire sales force, enabling a streamlined sales cycle to close more deals effectively.


  • Sales acceleration platforms provide salespeople with a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips, matched to the stage in the buying process in which is most relevant. As a result 31% of organisations that have enabled their salespeople with sales enablement technology have seen that their salespeople now have a better understanding of what sales collateral to present to buyers, and at which stage in the buying process to present it (Seismic, 2015 as cited by Bernier, 2015).


  • Sales acceleration platforms are breaking down organizational silos, enabling sales and marketing teams to work in unison. Therefore sales and marketing teams are now collaborating and communicating on a regular basis to produce effective collateral in which one key message is shared across all touchpoints. Thus leads are nurtured through every step of the sales process, ensuring efficient, effective and accelerated sales. Organisations with tightly aligned sales and marketing teams have seen 38% higher sales win rates. (Marketing Professionals, 2016).


  • Sales acceleration platforms are bridging the gap between CRM based intelligence and real-time sales performance. When these tools are used in combination, sales data direct from the field automatically syncs with CRM. Salespeople can effectively engage buyers with resonating sales content, and shape the buying process to close more business. Sales teams with a sales intelligence solution integrated with their CRM system have seen quota attainment increase by 36% (Wesson, 2014).


  • Nurturing leads and prospects through every step of the buying process, right from your marketing efforts to when a salesperson closes a deal makes them feel valued. Prospects are reassured that salespeople are providing a solution that solves their organization's current pain points, and enhancing their operations long term. As a result nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads. (Aberdeen, as cited by The Annuitas Group, 2010).



So there you have it, the five best stats organizations have achieved as a result of utilizing the digital sales workspace. If you would like to see your salespeople reaching quota, achieving higher win rates and ultimately accelerating the sales cycle you need to implement a sales acceleration platform like Qotient.



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