Supporting Your Channel Partners to Become Sales Champions


Last week we wrote to you about our Talk Track technology. We shared a video that took a deep dive into how this technology enables you to deliver consistent sales conversations, marketing materials, and partner engagement programs to your entire channel partner ecosystem. Ensuring your salespeople are having the strongest and most effective sales conversations, no matter the product or buying stage of the customer.

At Qotient, we understand that continuous training reaps 50% higher net sales per employee and that 95% of customers choose solutions providers that offer relevant content at every stage of the buying process. However, we also recognize that developing supporting content for all the products and vendors in your portfolio may seem like a daunting undertaking.

You’re not in it alone; we’re here to help! We know that the positive outcomes are just as important as properly trained and supported sales staff. You can’t have one without the other.  

When it comes to developing successful Talk Tracks, we don’t leave you to your own devices, nor do we just create scripts that we think are relevant – because telling is not selling!

While our team of Talk Track writers are experts in crafting top-notch sales conversations, we first need to better understand the outcomes you look to achieve and your product portfolio.

The first step of development is to interview your subject matter experts and key sales champions to better understand the value of your products and services. Next, our team works directly with marketing, reviews product collateral, and contextualizes existing content into Talk Tracks for as many Vendors, products, and buying stages as you would like included in your catalog. Once approved by your team, these customized Talk Tracks are deployed to your Partners. Supporting your staff to become channel sales champions.

And now that you have your Talk Track Catalog set up when a new product or Vendor joins the fold, you can quickly and easily develop a new Talk Track and deploy it to your entire channel partner ecosystem. Thus, eliminating the need for unnecessary and repetitive emails, marketing materials, and “lunch and learns.”

Ready to begin developing your Talk Tracks? Don’t wait, contact our team and request a demo today!

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