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Picture this…it is 9 am, and your sales staff is preparing for their day. They may do this by breaking their workload down into the type of calls they need to make – cold calls, discovery calls, and upselling. As they prepare for these conversations, they scour all of the different resources and propaganda that you have provided to them. However, once they hop onto the call, it can be difficult for even your most seasoned sales staff to effectively communicate and track these conversations because they have three (3) other products in their minds.

Thanks to Qotient, gone are the days of unnecessary and repetitive marketing materials and “lunch and learns.” Welcome to the new age of an all-in-one channel sales engagement platform! Through our platform, we enable you to deliver consistent sales conversations, marketing materials, and partner engagement programs and ensure your salespeople are having the strongest and most effective sales conversations, no matter the product or sales stage of the customer.

In the video below we give you a more in-depth view on how we make this happen through our Talk Track technology. Once you do and you’re ready to learn more about how we can better prepare your partner salespeople, contact our sales team or request a demo!

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