5 Tips to Stronger Sales Conversations


When I was initially writing this over a month ago, I was planning to focus on how to have stronger sales conversations at conferences. We wanted to focus on this topic because while at RSA in San Francisco, our team experienced that many “booth managers” weren’t having strong sales conversations. They often talked too much, leaving our team exhausted and trying to escape the conversation. Or They hardly asked any questions, causing our team to feel that they didn’t care about our business, industry, or needs. However, in light of the mass conference cancellations and mandatory work from home decrees, most, if not all, sales calls are currently, and for the foreseeable future, being done over the phone.

In sales, the first point of contact may be the most important conversation. However, most of these conversations could not only be better but significantly better. Often sellers find themselves making the same mistakes, such as not asking enough questions and guiding the conversation, and instead just going right to the pitch!

A few weeks ago our sales and marketing team sat down for an internal sales training by our Chairman of the Board. Here are a few helpful takeaways that we wanted to share with you on how to have stronger sales conversations, over the phone, or at a conference!

  1. Ditch the pitch and have real conversations! Telling is not selling! You want to be sure that you’ve learned enough about their business and the problems your product will help them solve.
  2. Don’t talk too much. Sure, you can lead the conversation but ask questions to get a better understanding of the prospect’s business needs. Your primary interest should be about them and their pain points, NOT what you bring to the table.
  3. Paint a picture of a new reality. Once you have a better understanding of your prospect’s goals and pain points, help them understand how your product can provide them a new world. Help them to visualize life with your solution and build excitement around it.
  4. Be likable and focus on building a relationship, not only do people buy from people they like, they buy from people that can help them solve a business problem.
  5. PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE! Before going into a sales meeting, you should practice your sales conversation to make sure you are going into it feeling confident and with the strongest conversation possible.

Follow these five tips in your next sales conversation for a more confident and stronger dialog. Will you still make mistakes? Of course. Will you make every sale? Of course not. But you will be on your way to having better sales conversations and closing more deals!

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