Scaling Success in the Channel



Getting a live person on the phone is half the battle with cold calling, and as the first step in a successful conversation, it makes sense that we tend to focus so much on achieving that goal.  But what happens once you’re connected with the right decision maker?   

With Qotient, you can go into each call confidently armed not only with the right questions, prep assistance, and supporting materials, but also with the tools for capturing the valuable information gathered during your conversation as a result of being so well-prepared.  You can keep your notes related to each part of the conversation easily organized within the context of that question or category.   

Below you’ll find a short demonstration of this time-saving feature.  Drop our Customer Success team a line at if you’d like to discuss 1:1 with a member of our team! 




Qotient has developed a framework that enables better sales conversations for channel sales, in both early stage discovery and qualification conversations.  

We’d love to schedule some time to walk you through the tool and discuss how you can get access today.  Drop our success team a line at if you would like to learn more!   



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