Sales Training & Coaching for Insight Led Selling: Part 2



Today we’re returning to the topic of insight led selling, a new and emerging sales methodology. Insight led selling is having a profound impact on the B2B sales and digital marketing landscape, but there’s still a lack of knowledge about how to implement these techniques into sales training and sales coaching programmes.

Insight led selling requires your salespeople to influence prospective businesses in a very specific way. They need to use in-depth and perceptive market knowledge to reframe the beliefs of the target customer, challenging beliefs about current business models.

In this constantly evolving world of digital marketing, customers are more and more prepared to dismiss a sales pitch and seek out their own solutions. So how do you train a powerful sales team capable of offering real insights and reframing business perspectives? Read on to find out.


Your sales team are out in the field every day, learning on the job and gaining important insights into customer behaviour. Don’t disregard their knowledge. Give them a chance to provide feedback and input, fleshing out this information to design your insight led selling process.

We recommend combining your sales team’s experiences and insights with investigative marketing research. Your sales training process should be constantly evolving in response to the insights of those who are out working in the field.


On the other hand, you don’t want your sales team offering insights to clients without some firm processes in place. A poorly planned insight could have negative impacts on your client’s business, hurting your own company and reputation in the process. For this reason, all insights and tactics should undergo thorough quality control before entering the sales training and sales coaching stages.


Insight led selling is only possible when your sales team are equipped with the latest digital marketing and insight based technology. By having access to insights on a cloud mobile device, your sales team is never left in the dark or without relevant information. It enables them to adapt to meet a client’s needs on the spot, collect and interpret data instantly, and feed reports of their successes back to the wider team. The use of cloud based technology like Qotient should be implemented from the earliest stages of sales training and sales coaching.


Sales training for insight led selling is never finished. No matter how much your sales team have learnt, there’s always new information and data to inform new insights and successes. Ongoing sales coaching is the most important way of staying on top of this new sales methodology, and ensuring your team are on the same page.


For your insight led selling to be successful, your insights need to be brilliant - enough to change a company’s game plan and convince them they need your services. And what’s the secret to truly great insights? Data, data and more data. To get the edge in the highly competitive B2B sales market, you need to analyse all forms of consumer data and identify trends, hot spots, and any potential mismatches or shortcomings between what business are selling and what their consumers actually want.

So there you have it, a few things to keep in mind for your insight led sales training processes. We’ll be back in a few weeks with more information about how Qotient can boost your B2B sales in the world of digital marketing.



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