Sales acceleration: Using insights & analytics to capitalise on lead generation



Last week we discussed the importance of lead effectiveness and capitalising on lead generation. Too often lead generation is the core focus of B2B sales, without enough emphasis on sales acceleration. After all, lead generation is pointless if you don’t nurture those leads and eventually convert them to sales.

What about Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems? These can be helpful during the lead generation process, assigning leads to sales representatives, and then documenting the final conversion process. But they often fail to cover the middle stages, where nurturing and sales acceleration are most important. Generally, CRM’s do not provide relevant, customer-centric insights to help lead effectiveness.

So how can you boost your B2B sales acceleration in addition to standard tools and CRM’s? Qotient is a cloud based app designed for this very purpose. We’ve already discussed some of the ways in which Qotient can boost your sales team performance and drive sales acceleration. Qotient will harness the success of your star performers, drive sales outcomes, and help your team capitalise on a defined, repeatable sales process. This can dramatically improve your lead effectiveness and your profits.

But the benefits of Qotient don’t end there. Qotient can also boost sales acceleration using contextual insights and advanced analytics. How does this work?


Successful lead generation takes hard work, so the worst thing you can do is lose those carefully acquired leads! This is where the lead nurturing and sales acceleration process comes in, and one way of improving this stage is through the effective use of contextual insights.

Sales propositions should never be generic. Taking a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to customers simply doesn’t work. Your customer will know if you’re giving them the same pitch as everyone else. Not only will this make them feel unimportant, it will also prevent them from seeing the personal relevance of what you’re selling them.

That’s where contextual insights come in. Effective use of contextual insights can dramatically improve your sales acceleration. Qotient provides contextual insights during every step of your sales process. It will inject customer-centric insights into your sales pitch, providing this information to your sales team in real time. On their mobile devices they’ll be able to retrieve all the information they need to drive sales acceleration in a relevant direction, creating a personalised plan for each customer.

When a sales pitch is personalised with customer-centric insights, your customers will feel understood, valued, and know they are getting benefits relevant to them. They will be more likely to commit, and over time this will increase your lead effectiveness and conversions.


Analytics are also a powerful tool for boosting sales acceleration. Qotient harnesses the power of analytics by capturing all sales data, drawing meaningful insights from it, and presenting these insights to your whole sales team. This enables your sales team to learn from their successes. Qotient will present statistics about which sales approaches, messages, and conversations are working well out in the field. These sales approaches can then be scaled and applied to other products and campaigns.

These are just some of the ways in which Qotient can drive your sales acceleration and increase lead effectiveness. Why pour your heart and soul into lead generation, only to lose those leads by failing to nurture them? Sales acceleration tools will help you convert your precious contacts into successful sales.







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