Sales Acceleration: Measuring Data and Optimising Sales Techniques



As discussed last week, sales acceleration is increasingly crucial in our ever changing B2B sales landscape. A cloud-based tool like Qotient can help to boost your sales acceleration by defining selling and buying processes, digitising and tracking data, and improving communication throughout your company.

Today we’re looking at three more key strategies for boosting sales acceleration and maximising your lead effectiveness. These techniques involve upskilling your team with the latest technology, collecting and measuring important sales data, and optimising your processes based on this data.



The internet, mobile technology and cloud based apps have changed the sales landscape in profound ways. These tools are now critical for sales acceleration and success. Your competitors will be using this technology to their advantage, so the only way to remain in the game is to harness this power.

Providing your sales team with mobile technology and apps like Qotient enables them to access sales data and customer insights at any time. This data can be constantly synced and updated. Having this data at their fingertips will enable your sales team to stay informed, efficient and effectively capitalise on lead generation.



Sales acceleration can’t be achieved with a single formula. Capitalising on lead generation effectively requires constant improvement and change in the sales process. This improvement is only possible when we collect all the relevant data, analyse it, and react appropriately.

Data should be gathered from two key sources - internal and external. The external data should monitor your customers, your competitors, and changes in your industry. Internal data will examine your own staff - their processes, successes and failures. By combining and analysing all of this information, sales acceleration apps like Qotient can help to give you a complete perspective on the sales landscape.



We’ve talked about gathering and analysing important data, but what next? Collecting data about our lead generation, lead effectiveness and sales processes is useless if we don’t react to it. Data should be used to pinpoint areas where your sales team are either underperforming or performing well, so you scale successful methods and use them across the business.

In short, the key to winning out against competitors in a B2B sales landscape is being able to evolve and optimise your processes faster than them. By staying adaptive and agile, and making the most of these sales acceleration techniques, you should achieve some major sales breakthroughs.

Of course, none of these strategies are easy or instantaneous. A sales acceleration app like Qotient can make a huge difference to your sales model. Qotient incorporates all of these techniques into a unique tool and sales acceleration system. It provides your team with the latest technology, enables them to collect and measure important sales data, and provides suggestions & real-time guidance for your sales processes.







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