Ensure and Increase Your ROI on Your MQL Investment


Whether you are a Channel Chief or a Channel Manager, one fundamental problem you face in your Channel is that the moment you hand over a marketing qualified lead (MQL) to a Partner, it enters the Channel Blindspot. In the Blindspot, you lose visibility of that lead until it hopefully comes out on the other side as a deal registration. This lack of visibility makes it nearly impossible to accurately monitor the progress Partners are making with the leads and measure your return on investment (ROI).

It is crucial to maintain visibility in your Channel because not only are MQLs vital for your sales funnel, but on average, they cost you almost $200 per lead! If not effectively followed-up on, you are wasting time and money, with an enormous opportunity cost for what that lead may have represented as a sale, which we all want to avoid.

Assuming that provided MQLs are called on at all, you also have to think about the strength and quality of the “first contact call.” Was the MQL followed-up on in a timely fashion? Was the conversation consistent with the nurtured message? What was the feedback? Were they strong MQLs to begin with? The inability to answer these questions makes it challenging to complete sales, drive net new pipeline, and meet your ROI.

So, how do you maintain visibility and more effectively monitor your MQLs once passed to your Partners, ensuring ROI? There is a single solution to these questions, Qotient.

Our integrated workflow platform enables you to follow leads through their entire sales journey and gain both visibility through data and complete insight into top of funnel engagement. Through our Contact Manager solution, you able to distribute leads, measure Partner follow-up with each lead in real-time, and drive engagement. Thus, giving you the ability to maintain visibility, effectively monitor your MQLs, and ensure ROI.

Now that you can track your MQLs and ensure ROI, how do you influence their conversations to drive success and increase ROI? Again, there is a single solution, Qotient.

Along with the Contact Manager data solution, our Talk Track Framework and Conversation Manager enable you to not only follow your MQLs through the entire sales journey but better direct the conversations your Partners are having and capture valuable feedback. With these insights, you can confidently make data-driven decisions that yield better results within your Channel Ecosystem that not only ensures but increases your ROI.

Are you ready to gain visibility into your Channel Blindspot, better monitor MQLs given to your Channel Partners, and not only ensure but increase your ROI? Don’t wait to request a demo or contact our sales team today!

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