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We all know that face-to-face and phone-based conversations with customers are very important.  Perhaps it’s the most important step in the sales process.  And if you can make these conversations as effective as possible, you will probably make the sale.  But how can you be fully prepared if you don’t know what all the subjects are that may come up in the conversations?  How can you learn all the key messages associated with countless products and services in a huge catalog?   

Qotient is the channel engagement platform that delivers, enables, measures and evolves your team’s sales conversations.  Qotient provides you and your team a platform to create, manage, and use proposition ideas and smart insights while in front of your customers.  These sales cues allow you and the rest of your sales team to tell your stories in a more consistent manner, and measure the outcomes you achieve.  With Qotient, you can have all the right conversations at your disposal any time to converse more knowledgeably and confidently about key propositions, making a great impression in any sales conversation.   







Qotient solves a handful of key pain points in channel sales, of which Talk Tracks are the foundation.  If you have or are a part of a large global channel, you know that the product, service, and solution portfolio represented is complex.  But representing it to customers and prospects doesn’t need to be with the right tools at your disposal.   Professionally crafted Talk Tracks can make any rep feel and be like a subject matter expert on an infinite breadth of topics with minimal onboarding.   

We’d love to schedule some time to walk you through the solution and discuss how you can get access today.  Reach out to our success team if you would like to learn more!   




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