Channel Partner QBR Reset

As we enter into Q3, you may be asking yourself, is your channel team executing Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) with your channel partners? Often, these QBRs are mostly a session for complaining, addressing pricing issues, late delivery issues, end customer complaints, and the usual tap-dancing around the allocation of marketing development funds (MDF). However, QBRs need to deliver more value to you and your Partners.

To make these QBRs effective and valuable for both parties, they need to be more strategic and, most importantly, underpinned by data and intelligence. Channel Managers must be armed with Channel Sales Intelligence Data to help their Partners understand how to scale and grow their business based on what is working in other Partner businesses, sectors, etc.

An effective QBR meeting agenda would look like this:

  1. Recap last quarter's revenue numbers
  2. Understand performance against target
  3. Understand the objectives set by the Partner's executive team for the next quarter and how they see themselves achieving them
  4. Understand what this means in terms of their engagement with their end customers
  5. Understand how these objectives translate to your joint business
  6. Review where success was achieved in the previous quarter, compare this success to the benchmarks and intelligence of the broader Channel and identify areas of greater Channel success not being taken advantage of by this Partner
  7. Plan how to scale past success, deliver new areas of success, and address failures.
  8. Set targets and agree what success will look like from a metrics perspective
  9. Discuss the "how" of the next quarter business plan
  10. Finalize and agree on tactics

Inside each of these agenda items, there is a series of discovery questions your Channel Manager should execute with the Partner. There are prescribed data insights and intelligence to present based on overall Channel performance, and there are specific predetermined destinations to drive the conversation regarding committed mindshare and focus. And most importantly, the conversations executed with the end customer by a Partner need to be aligned with the agreed-upon business plan and tactics defined in the QBR. 

The most effective way to execute these high-value QBRs at scale is to enable your Channel Managers with a QBR Talk Track. Through our Talk Track Framework, you can more easily manage your Channel Managers and ensure QBRs are more effective. Giving you the ability to review the execution results in the same way you measure the effectiveness of your Channel Partners' execution of end customer conversations. 

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