Optimizing Sales Conversations & Accelerating Sales With Qotient



The B2B sales landscape is evolving in response to changing buyer needs. Today’s buyers have become hyper-educated so by the time engagement with a salesperson occurs up to 60% of the buying process is complete (Corporate Executive Board, 2014). Thus buyers now expect to engage quickly with salespeople who can demonstrate a deep product and industry understanding.  

Therefore in order to close deals effectively salespeople now require sales tools with data and insight sophistication to provide relevant, context driven information to assist and accelerate the sales process, and better handle the increasingly complex sales landscape.

Enter Qotient, the sales platform dedicated to optimizing sales conversations to accelerate sales. The Qotient platform enables sales teams to leverage analytics, data, insights, and combine these with an effective sales process to accelerate sales across the entire sales force. So how does the Qotient platform help accelerate sales?



More often than not sales managers’ pre-defined assumptions of the buying process differs from that of a buyer’s actual journey. The Qotient platform defines a sales process which mirrors a buyer’s journey every step of the way, anticipating buyer needs, meeting these needs and removing any roadblocks along the way. This sales process can be repeated effectively and scaled across the whole sales force, thus ensuring the every salesperson delivers an efficient, effective and accelerated journey through a sale.



The Qotient platform captures sales data in real-time, enabling continuous improvement of the sales process. Sales data and insights direct from the sales force are invaluable, they provide management with clarification as to which sales collateral is resonating with buyers. The Qotient platform enables sales managers to experiment with new sales collateral and messaging, gathering results in real-time in response to buyer behaviour. Successes can easily be scaled across the sales team, and ineffective content can be reworked or removed quickly. With close monitoring and measurement key sales messaging can be refined, accelerating the sales process and securing more business.



The Qotient platform enables salespeople to leverage highly valuable sales collateral, injected with powerful customer insights. The entire sales force can access sales collateral via their digital devices so they are never left unprepared for a sales meeting. Armed with the Qotient platform salespeople can educate buyers with insights and supporting collateral, answering buyer concerns effectively. Thus salespeople can ensure every engagement adds value and provides benefits specifically relevant to each buyer, closing the sale faster.



In order to achieve accelerated sales and higher win rates, salespeople are required to negotiate and drive a meeting towards outcomes. The Qotient platform enables sales managers to set high value targets for salespeople to drive sales meetings with buyers towards. As a result the sales cycle is accelerated, salespeople can effectively coach buyers through the stages in the buying process during their engagements in order to reach a purchase decision.



The Qotient platform enables star performers to be pinpointed. Sales data and analytics provides insight into which sales collateral the top performers are utilizing and at which stage in the buying process. Effectively enabling star sales performance to be replicated, their successes can be harnessed and scaled across the entire sales force. Every salesperson can utilize the star performer selling techniques, collateral and insights during their sales meetings. This results in better sales person performance across the whole team and faster sales cycles.



Ultimately the Qotient platform enables salespeople to optimize their sales conversations with buyers. Leveraging analytics, data and insights combined with an effective sales process that is continuously improving, salespeople can effectively accelerate sales and close more business in today’s increasingly complex B2B sales landscape.

If you would like to know more about how Qotient accelerates sales, check out our Sales Acceleration whitepaper today!



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