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As the weather gets warmer, kids get out of [home] school, and you’re no longer functioning as a hybrid-teacher; the last thing you want to do is sit in front of a computer screen reading a long drawn out blog post. We get it! That’s why this week we are keeping it short and talking about one of the most fun aspects of our platform, the games!

According to Channel Expert, Jay McBain, in 6 years, 75% of the channel will be millennials. Why is this important?

As older generations phase-out and younger generations make up more substantial portions of the workforce, companies need to integrate better technology and offer more significant incentives to their employees. Studies have found that as “digital natives,” millennials are known to be more tech-savvy. They also tend to prefer continuous, real-time feedback from employers and want more praise and recognition (rewards) for a job well done.

Stats like these are how we’re confident that our one-of-a-kind Games Engine is a game changer in the competitive landscape of channel. Our platform helps to check the box of all three items listed above, a new technology that provides real-time feedback and incentives!

Through our platform, you do this by creating competitions (games) for your partners to drive your desired outcomes and increase pipeline. As your partners compete and achieve these outcomes, they receive better incentives they thrive on - recognition and rewards. Now, that’s what we call a “win-win!”

So, while Millennials reshape the workplace, Qotient is too! As your workforce gets younger, we enable you to transform your channel’s day-to-day workload into fun, competitive, and rewarding.

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