Measuring New Starter Success with Qotient



Sales teams are the heart of organisations; they keep the business going. Yet retaining a superior sales team is a difficult task, thus it is vital you deliver a quality induction process.

Experiencing a poor induction process leads to new starters feeling like they have been left to sink or swim, with no desire to engage in the organisation. Motivation during induction is key, new starters who are engaged with a company’s overall mission, value propositions and products/services are shown be 30% more productive.



Measuring success is the solution for delivering a quality induction process. Metrics allow you to see real time performance trends and which sales efforts relate to directly to revenue. At first new starters lack the confidence to deliver results, becoming disheartened when their approach unsuccessful. However, sitting down with your new starters and discussing the following aspects from the beginning will increase employee motivation and productivity.



During the induction process it is important that new starters understand their sales targets. Sales targets with time frames in which incentives are offered such as bonuses and rewards increase employee motivation to perform at a high standard and achieve targets.  

The Qotient dashboard displays the activity of each sales person, with motivational features, including our unique  sales conversation success ranking. Every employee wants to be ranked as the top sales person, showing a scoreboard sets the bar for new starters to compete for the top spot.

New starters ought to be informed of the following sales targets during their induction process. Consider setting the following sales targets for your new starters to complete within the first few months of employment:

  • Complete a specified number of sales conversations.

  • Achieve a specified number of successful conversations.

  • Close a specified number of deals.

Setting the bar from the beginning cements expectations and the performance quality required of new starters. Ensure your new starters meet sales targets and retain a quality performance by completing regular performance reviews.



Employers tend to think when a new starter has previously worked in a sales position they know exactly what to do, but it is likely your organisation operates differently. New starters who are given no guidance will often feel unwanted and too nervous to ask questions, which can result in ineffective sales productivity.

Regular performance meetings are important for every employee, particularly new starters. During the induction process new starters need to be aware regular performance meetings will take place as well as what they entail. The Qotient dashboard shows real time performance metrics. Mangers can discuss and evaluate success metrics with new starters, focussing on whether their sales targets have been met, recent triumphs and letdowns as well as improvements that can be made. Managers can also pinpoint which new starters may not be performing up to par and reasons why, thus catching the problem in the early stages of induction and amending it before it's too late.



Managers’ failing to provide expectations for their new starters only results in frequent misunderstandings. It is important new starters understand what is expected of them, especially during the first few months of their employment. Expectations determine an employee’s performance; new starters who receive no expectations are likely to take a very relaxed approach to their work. Employees who are given performance expectations will try their best to accomplish these and impress management, increasing their overall performance rate.



Overall, it is important to sit down with your new starters and discuss their sales targets, performance review plan and the organisation’s overall expectations during the induction process. In doing so employee motivation, performance and productivity increases significantly.







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