Keep Your Team Engaged While Working from Home


Last week we wrote to you with tips on how to keep yourself motivated while working from home. Now here you sit, motivated and rearing to go when almost suddenly realizing your sales team may not be experiencing the same drive…

Companies all over the country and world, continue to implement work from home decrees as we aim to curb the impact of the coronavirus. While remote work was already common among many industries, the channel sales sector is experiencing some growing pains from the sudden transition.

Here are a few tips for you to keep your channel sales teams motivated and building pipeline as we all navigate this “new normal.”

  1. Get everyone on video! Easily turn your regular meetings into online video conferences. By using video, you can get your team focused more easily, as well as get much-needed social interaction.
  2. Host end of the day roundups! Meeting as a group at the end of each day to discuss customer calls increases camaraderie, ensures teams are working, and builds empathy and knowledge into what is working and what could be improved on.
  3. Host virtual Friday happy hours! During these, you can go over your teams’ weekly accomplishments and discuss sales goals for the following week. Humans draw motivation from other's success. The more rewards and recognition they receive or see their team members receive, the more inclined they will be to close more and bigger deals.
  4. Continue to host sales meetings! Give your sales team the ability to continue meeting with clients. For example, grab a coffee, host a lunch, or even a happy hour with your customers! This can be easily done by sending a coffee gift card, having lunch delivered before your meeting time, or a bottle of wine for happy hour. This not only shows your clients you care and it’s a fun and inventive way to keep client interaction during uncertain times.
  5. Manage time and sales opportunities! Make sure your sales team is focused on the right sales opportunities and having the right conversations. No need for them to waste time on leads with a low probability of conversion. This along with time management provides structure and directions to getting work done more efficiently.
  6. Use the right tech tools! Management consultant and guru Pete Drucker said: “What gets measured, gets managed.” By using a technology platform, such as Qotient, you can easily engage and motivate your channel sales teams through stronger conversations, gamification, and real-time sales results.
  7. KEEP THEM HAPPY! Emotions are high right now. People are worried about their health, families, and pocketbooks. Make sure you are taking time to keep up your one-on-ones, getting your employee's feedback, and asking them what they need.

Are you ready to start motivating and engaging with your remote sales channel? Get started with our 7 tips above and contact our sales team for more information on how Qotient can help! 

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