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Capturing mindshare and driving engagement within your Partner Network is one of the biggest challenges facing your Channel organization today. For Channel Managers, Qotient creates new opportunities for engagement within your Partner Network. And Qotient makes it easier than ever to see – in real time – who your true sales champions are. 

Qotient’s newly released Q-Games Console provides a unique approach to engaging with your Partner Network. The Q-Games Console enables your connected partners to register and compete for rewards and drive the outcomes that matter to you. Once your existing schedule of events is represented in your Q-Games Console, you can focus your energy on driving partners to register and play in your Q-Games.  

Key benefits to leveraging Q-Games as part of an upcoming initiative include:  

  • Creating memorable and fun working experiences for partners that will set you apart from other vendors with whom your partners have relationships 
  • Improving the sales conversations your partner sellers are having via Talk Tacks that are selected for the Q-Game  
  • Understanding the time and energy partners are willing and able to invest and dedicate to selling your products 
  • Rewarding your partners for their activity and performance in driving the programs and initiatives that benefit you both 



Q-Games makes channel engagement fun and delivers value to everyone involved in the channel sales process.  Getting your partners to participate in Q-Games provides you valuable data points at every stage in the pre-sales process, from the first conversation to the deal registration.   



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