Ensure your New Starters Adopt CRM & Qotient from Day One



Nowadays the majority of buyers are self-sufficient, undertaking independent research first. Buyers on average complete 60% of the buying process during their research phase, seeking salespeople second (Corporate Executive Board). Due to prospects completing the majority of the buying process on their own, they tend to think they already understand the solution they need; sales conversations then focus around cost with unsuccessful outcomes. Therefore, the way in which your salespeople convey content and insights during sales meetings is of significant importance.  


Sales conversations need to convey content and insights relating to the specific buying stage of each prospect. Using CRM systems and Qotient as your key sales tools ensures your sales team delivers quality sales conversations to each prospect with successful results. It is vital your new starters adopt the use of CRM and Qotient during their induction process in order to achieve early effectiveness.

During the induction process convey key ‘What’s in it for me’ (WIFM) messages to your new starters. New starters need to understand why CRM systems and Qotient are in place as their sales tools, explain the benefits these tools provide in delivering successful conversations.


It is important new starters learn and understand the following aspects of the lead development process during the induction. Organising a training session on how the four step process works and how they should use the platforms is essential, allowing you to ensure early effectiveness.



Marketing Automation

The first stage in the process is marketing automation, tracking and researching the content prospects are searching for. Content tracking allows you to capitalize on your prospects research phase, the automation platform analyses the data notifying you of potential leads. You can therefore determine the solution prospects are searching for and match the content you provide to their specific stage in the buying process. Once a lead becomes qualified your marketing automation platform transfers the lead to Salesforce CRM.

Lead assignment to Salesforce CRM

Salesforce CRM provides salespeople with all the tracking information retrieved during the marketing automation stage.  Salespeople can now link the appropriate content and insights to each lead, gaining helpful details such as the company they employed with, current position and location. Once Salesforce CRM has established enough lead details salespeople are notified, commencing the next stage in the process.


Salespeople can now drive the conversation using Qotient’s story catalogue. Information retrieved from lead tracking allows for salespeople to tailor conversations; matching content to each leads buyer’s journey, specific to their industry. Qotient enables salespeople to customise every sales conversation, ensuring conversations are the right fit for each lead.

Salesforce CRM - ROI Tracking

Once salespeople have delivered sale conversations Qotient stores information regarding the outcomes. This information is delivered to Salesforce CRM allowing management to track the ROI value of each conversation, driving the opportunity forward.


Research shows integrating CRM systems into your sales department has increased the revenue of individual salespeople by 41%. Ensure your new starters adopt the use of digital sale enablement tools and CRM during their induction, and reap the benefits in the long run.






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