Embracing Digital Strategy in Your Channel


With the ever-evolving industry and external factors, such as the current coronavirus outbreak or even the seasonal flu, the sales sector needs to embrace digital transformation. For example, in just over 3 months, the coronavirus has affected almost 200,000 people, over 120 countries worldwide, and is now wreaking havoc in the global marketplace.

In the face of this global pandemic, the virus is affecting the bottom line of companies, small and large. It has caused consumers to avoid restaurants, stores and traveling. It is also negatively impacting the technology sector; a number of companies are seeing a decrease in earning and have begun warning investors they won’t be able to reach quarterly goals.

On the other hand, you have companies such as online conferencing enterprise, Zoom and a hand full of others that have experienced an uptick due to the virus. And, it is no surprise that we can find these companies at the forefront of digital transformation.

When an epidemic such as the coronavirus occurs, pain points in our channel ecosystem become clearer. For example, the thought of traveling to visit Partners because it’s the only way to get real change or insight becomes a greater task, and the transition to digital becomes more appealing and dire. However, you may be asking yourself: how do I apply digital engagement strategies to my channel sales? It may seem like a daunting task but with the help of technology companies, such as Qotient, we can enable this transformation to be low friction and more effective.

True sales transformation requires behavioral changes among mangers and staff. Our software, along with the help from our Success Team, makes changing behaviors and implementing new processes throughout your channel partner ecosystem easier and more rewarding. We help reduce the complexity of driving channel partner engagement by enabling consistent and effective sales conversations in the field, offering rewards and recognition to your partners for their activity, and giving you access to real-time data showing you how your channel partners and your channel investments are performing. With Qotient, you can make data supported decisions in time to impact your end of the quarter results, in spite of an outbreak.

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