Distributing Leads to Channel Partners: Part 3


Last August, we wrote two separate blogs on the challenges and pains companies experience after handing leads off to the Channel Partners, and how you can alleviate and overcome these challenges quickly.

At the time when the blogs were released, you may not have recognized or thought it was direly essential to alleviate these challenges. Nevertheless, here we are one year and one pandemic later - and for those of us eager to maintain healthy businesses in the wake of this, it is essential we reevaluate current processes. To move forward, we must do it more boldly and creatively – including how we distribute leads to our Channel Partners.

As marketing automation generates more leads and attribution collects insight into the marketing initiatives leads interacted with, it’s now easier than ever to have more thoughtful and productive sales conversations. However, a year later, companies still come to us with many of the same problems and questions:

  1. What conversations are our Partners having with our leads?
  2. When were they called?
  3. What outcomes are achieved?
  4. How many leads still need to be followed-up?
  5. How do I maintain visibility once our leads are sent to the Partner?
  6. How do we deliver leads, align Partner sales conversation, and measure results at scale across many Partners in a cost-effective way?
  7. We can’t attach or attribute pipeline value to our leads because deal registration tools don’t capture this, and Partners don’t always enter their deals
  8. We don’t have confidence that the leads given to our Partners are being called
  9. We can’t measure ROI on our channel marketing campaigns
  10. We are concerned that the marketing initiative which generated the lead is getting lost during the follow-up call

All of these are as solvable as they were a year ago and require the same smart, bolder, and more creative solution. And once these problems are addressed and questions answered, you will see a noticeable improvement in Partner behavior and the confidence you have in your Channel to follow-up on leads effectively.

Over the past year, while you were scratching your head trying to figure out how to improve this process and alleviate the pains of distributing leads to Partners, our customers have not only resolved the issue but seen a significant increase in pipeline and their ability to maximize ROI.

How, you ask?

  1. Process Lead Distribution – Gone are the days of emailing leads to partners with no central tracking as to who got what and when. Our cloud-based platform enables you to distribute leads at scale to the Partners most qualified, ensure they are followed-up on, and track them throughout their entire lifecycle.
  2. Align Attribution to Sales Conversations – All leads are nurtured on one specific topic or another. Our Talk Track Framework gives you the ability to provide Partners with conversations that align with the exact marketing initiatives that generated the leads to begin with, and track and measure the success of these conversations.
  3. Insights and Data Collection – With our Conversation Manager feature, enables your Partner’s salespeople to take notes and capture customer feedback while on their sales calls, which all flows back to your Partner’s CRM. Not only does this benefit your Partners, but your access to our platform enables you to capture insights, attribute a value to a lead, and track deal registrations in real-time. Thus, alleviating the challenge of not knowing if your Partners are entering their deals.
  4. Incentive-Based Lead Distribution – Instead of giving your Partners the leads all at once, distribute them in phases, require them to act on each batch of leads before receiving more. Through Sales Competitions (Q-Games), our platform turns your Partner’s mundane day of cold-calling into a fun and rewarding opportunity.

Don’t wait another year, or another minute – contact our sales team or request a demo today to begin better understanding, managing, and measuring the way Partners follow-up on your leads.

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