Distributing Leads to Channel Partners: Part 1


As marketing automation has taken hold, you are generating more and more leads than ever before. These leads need to be effectively followed up on, otherwise all your marketing efforts become a waste of time and money. Following up with leads needs to be a managed process that is monitored effectively. However, the challenge with Channel is that it is difficult to enforce a managed process into your Channel Partners’ sales processes and therefore, it is nearly impossible to monitor the progress they make on the leads you have given them.

We consistently hear about leads that are distributed in spreadsheets to channel partners. They are often delivered via email to the Channel Partner and after a week has past, the phone calls start - that is, your phone calls from your Channel organization to your Channel Partners who received the leads. Have the leads been called? What is being said? What outcomes are being achieved? How many are left to still call? Who is calling them? When will we see the results?

The pains we hear from our customers are these:

  1. We don’t have the confidence the leads we gave our partners are being called

  2. We don’t know what they are saying to the leads

  3. We can’t see the outcomes our partners are generating

  4. We can’t measure ROI on our channel marketing campaigns

  5. We have no visibility once we send the leads list to the partner

  6. We are concerned that the message that generated the leads is getting lost on the follow up call

All of this is solvable. It will not be easy and some brave decisions need to be made, but the good news is, there is a solution.

When these pains are addressed, there is a positive change in Partner behavior. There is an increase in confidence with the Channel to follow up on leads effectively which generates an increase in pipeline and the capability to measure ROI.

The key to the solution is to tie the lead exchange process to your sales enablement and Channel incentive strategies. This is difficult with fragmented systems of record between you and your Partners, as Partner portals are not typical used in the top of funnel lead conversations.

Qotient is making tremendous progress in improving this lead exchange process. If this use case resonates with you and your Channel, we would love the opportunity to understand your situation in more detail.



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