Coach your New Starters to the Buying Process




Quality induction processes ensure new starters understand the buyer’s decision-making process. Sales conversations need to be tailored to each stage of the process in order to produce successful results.

Due to the fast paced technology industry, prospects are extremely connected and have easy access to information. Thus the buyer’s decision-making process has become problem specific rather than product specific, buyers have become self-sufficient when it comes to researching for solutions.

However there are two extremes in the level of self-sufficiency of buyers. At one end of the scale there are those buyers considered to be ‘super experts’ and at the other end those who are ‘information-seeking’ buyers.  Super experts are buyers who can research and analyse information in order to make a purchase decision. Whereas ‘information-seeking’ buyers will research and gather a range of information, but require assistance when it comes to analyzing the content.

Due to buyer's self-sufficiency research shows that on average, by the time a salesperson engages with prospects 60% of the buying process has been completed (Corporate Executive Board, 2014). The sales process is now buyer-driven, sales people need to understand and recognize which stage prospects are at in order to effectively tailor their sales conversations (Carpe Diem Consulting, 2016). Sales people tend to use sales practices that do not reflect the buying stage prospects are at, as they do not know how to recognize which stage a prospect is in. As a result many new starter sales conversations are ineffective.


During the induction process new starters need to be shown the stages of the buyer’s decision-making process, how to recognise which level of self-sufficiency each buyer is at as well as which stage in the process they are at. Manager’s need to give guidance on how new starters can tailor their sales conversations to each buying stage, increasing their overall sales effectiveness.

Qotient’s story catalog can be tailored to match the buyer's journey specific to your organisation’s industry, with content allocated to the stage in which it is most relevant. New starters can easily grasp which content and insights prospects respond to during each stage of the process, ensuring conversations are the right fit. Coach your new starters on the importance of the buyer’s decision-making process during their induction, your new starters will be up to speed and delivering successful conversations in no time.



Buyer Journey stages and concept Copyright © 2016 Bruce Ian Rasmussen,

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