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In our last blog, we wrote to you about the importance of adequately supporting your Channel Partners and salespeople into becoming Channel Sales Champions. You probably did not need us to tell you this is important, but what you may not know is that 42% of sales representatives in channel currently don’t feel that they have enough information before making a call.

Frustrating, right? Your Marketing and Business Development team has worked tirelessly to craft and create the strongest content possible for your new product release, or next sales blitz. However, based on the data and statistics, somehow, it’s still missing the mark. So how do you better enable your channel to ensure your success? 

It's all about understanding, preparation, and having access to the right tools. As a vendor, it's crucial to ensure that your channel partners are equipped with the tools, training, and information needed to sell your product correctly. You may have strong marketing materials and messaging, but if your Partners don't fully or accurately interpret them, it will be hard to succeed. You need to ensure that your partners correctly grasp and understand your materials and then successfully convert them into sales messaging and conversations. But how do you do that? Easy. With Qotient!

Through our Conversation Manager and Talk Track Framework, you can enable your channel and drive success more quickly. Our first-of-its-kind technology gives you the ability to build customized sales conversations, gain insight, and define desired outcomes all within a single platform. Allowing you to not only ensure your Partners are correctly grasping and understanding your messaging, but then transforming it into influential and effective sales conversations.

Our platform makes it easy to share your customized Talk Track scripts throughout your entire channel ecosystem and measure the strength of your partners’ conversations in the field. Combined with our Conversation Manager, your Partners can take notes, capture customer feedback, and automatically generate the appropriate follow-up email. The data collected flows directly to your Partner’s CRM tool enabling them to leverage our platform without disrupting their current business process.

So, in a sentence, our platform ensures that your channel sales representatives feel they have adequate information before making a call.  

As we mentioned before, proper channel enablement and success is all about understanding, preparation, and having access to the right tools. With our platform, you get just that. Within a single platform, you gain a better understanding of your Partners and through data and insight, allowing you to be more prepared and make the changes necessary to be successful. 

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