Changing Partner Behavior


In the last two Qotient blogs we talked about the Psychology of Channel and how Telling is not Selling. Following on from this we should talk about how we align our enablement programs and campaigns to the Psychology and Behavior of a Channel and our Partners.

Anything you do needs to factor in certain attributes in the behavior of a salesperson and Channel Partners. These attributes include:

1. Sales people tend to focus on the “fun” part of their role and avoid compliancy

2. Recognition amongst their peers and on the leaderboard is important to them

3. They are competitive and like winning

4. They want to make money

5. They accept risk

6. They want to be talking to customers and provide them value

7. They want to be seen as professionals in a serious profession.

Now, when you look through this list ask yourself this:

In terms of recognition among their peers and leadership, why do we recognize our best Partner Sellers and best Partners only once a year at our Partner Conferences? Why not every month?

Competition is more than exceeding a number, it is competition with their peers, and with their personal bests and records. Why are we not finding more inventive ways to foster the competition that sales people live for each day?

Why are we not looking for innovative ways to drive compliancy in updating CRM and with Deal Registration?

Enablement and training often takes significant selling time away from sales people. Are there just-in-time enablement innovations that can result in them learning and becoming more effective while executing their craft in the field?

These are just some of the things you should be discussing in your Channel Organization. Relaunching your partner portal and deal registration system, creating more certification programs and partner benefits every year often just creates confusion, disruption and angst within your Partner Community. We understand what is compelling you to do this - you hope it will increase Partner mindshare.

It is time to think more about how your objectives for delivering pipeline and revenue growth through your Channel and how you can improve your Partner Sellers’ experience in the context of the Psychology of Channel.




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