Analogue Channel Enablement No Longer Works - Part 2



Last time we looked into the reasons why analogue channel enablement no longer works, due to its significant impact on channel sales effectiveness and productivity. Analogue channel enablement ultimately slows overall sales revenue and lengthens the sales cycle. However since the technology sector is so fast paced due to the digitally growing world, in order to stay competitive organisations need to start embracing change; digital is the way of the future.

Embracing a digital channel enablement platform like Qotient allows channel efforts to be scaled effectively, and gives management the ability to pinpoint ROI and access real-time sales insight into channel performance anywhere, at any time. The role of the channel manager enhances from go-to problem solver to sales engineer.


The Qotient platform produces real-time sales data and feedback, enabling channel managers to monitor and refine channel efforts. Channel managers can use data science to pinpoint exactly which efforts deliver a high return. Data analysis enables channel managers to determine exactly which sales data is most valuable, thus informed decisions can be made. Channel investments can be focussed and directed towards efforts delivering a high return at a point in time, altering when required.

Real-time sales data also enables channel managers to track channel individual's performance, ensuring channel salespeople perform at their maximum potential. Managers have the ability to determine the areas in which their salespeople are lagging, thus sales training schemes can be tailored to each individual. Continuously monitoring and reviewing channel performance enables managers to use performance enhancing sales techniques such as incentivising goals. Incentives drive motivation, so channel salespeople strive to be the next sales star. Ultimately channel sales productivity and effectiveness increase.



Digitizing channel enablement results in increased vendor-channel communication, as managers are no longer go-to problem solvers. Managers can now intervene and and provide expertise when channel salespeople need it. With Qotient channel managers have the ability to ensure all channel individuals are notified just-in-time about any product or service launches, updates, redundancies and promotions. Channel managers are given the hard sales data they need in order to effectively manage channel partners, ultimately closing the feedback gap.



The Qotient platform enables channel managers and salespeople to access sales content at the touch of a button at any time. Investing in improving the way salespeople access sales content increases sales productivity by 59% (Forbes Insights, 2015). Digitizing the way salespeople access sales content enables key messages to be standardized, thus ensuring one message is communicated by many voices. Channel managers can now trace key messages determining which sales content delivered to prospects gives the most ROI, thus driving sales productivity and revenue forward.

Channel partners need to sell the way buyers are buying in order to deliver successful results. In order to resonate with buyers sales content needs to convey the value your solution provides prospects to enhance their organisation’s operations. The Qotient platform aligns content to the buying process, resulting in shorter sales cycles and increased sales productivity. According to Forbes Insights (2015) organisations who align their sales content to the buying process see an increase in sales productivity of 56%. 



Overall, the Qotient platform provides vendor-channel visibility. Thus increasing sales productivity and revenue. The top performing organisations prioritise channel enablement strategies, recognising sales content, communication, and sales data is the key to increasing sales effectiveness and productivity in order to drive overall sales revenue. 



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