It's All About the Metrics


So, you have a recruitment strategy, now what? How do you ensure you get to the "promised land" of deal registrations? While Qotient doesn't directly help you recruit new partners, we do help you to determine their strength and who is "worthy" of your continual investment. How do we do that you ask? IT'S ALL ABOUT THE METRICS!

As you begin to build or build on your current partner ecosystem, it's often hard to determine the success of your recruitment strategy. There is a blind spot between getting new partners set up, providing them with outbound marketing, and identifying what works. As you know, it usually takes months, as the vendor, to get the data and analytics from partners to determine what is and is not working in your partner ecosystem and current recruitment strategy.

What if we were to tell you there was a way you could gain visibility into that blind spot? That you could determine how and where to put more or fewer resources and funds with the use of real-time data. Would you be interested in learning more? I bet you would…

At Qotient, we focus on the hard stuff, the questions you ask yourself over and over, but aren't sure how to answer, or if there is even a solution. Questions such as:

  • How do I better recruit new partners for my ecosystem?
  • How do I measure the performance of my channel partner recruitment?
  • How do I get my partners to focus on net new business?


Our platform not only gives you the data needed to make better decisions, but it also offers you the ability to provide your partners with more robust and more precise sales conversations.

Goodbye, are the days of providing partners with outbound marketing collateral they may or may not use. Through gamification and customized Talk Tracks, you entice your partners to sell your products while ensuring they are having the most influential conversations. While at the same time receiving real-time analytics.

For example, when you distribute marketing qualified leads (MQL's) to your partners, it often takes until the end of the sales cycle, or longer, to determine your return on investment. And even once you receive that data, more often than not, you still aren't able to pinpoint precisely which partners were successful in turning MQL's into potential sales opportunities. And, if they weren't successful, was it because they're not strong sellers, or was it because the marketing that missed the mark? Our platform gives you that visibility.

Our real-time data enables you not only to view how many opportunities or how much pre-pipeline your channel partners generated over a specific period. We also give you access to this data broken down into several different variables: partner, seller, conversation, and outcome.

With access to this data, you can better and more quickly determine who or what isn't working in your ecosystem. Instead of waiting until the end of a sales cycle or quarter to determine which "fat to trim," you can analyze it in real-time, allowing you to allocate resources and funds better. At the same time, if you have multiple partners providing you with feedback that the messaging isn't working, you can quickly make changes to your Talk-Tracks, thus improving the conversations your partners are having.

It's a relief to learn there is a solution to all of your hard questions about channel recruitment, right? Well, then stop mulling over it in your head! Don't wait. Our team is prepared and eager to show you how Qotient can help. Contact our sales team or request a demo and begin your journey to the "promised land."

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