Turn Your ABM into ABCs


Over the last few weeks, we have written several articles and blogs about the pain points and challenges surrounding leads and how you currently understand, manage and measure them once handed off to your Channel Partners. This blog is no different, except now we want to focus our attention on account-based marketing (ABM), and how you are [or are not] following up with account-based conversations (ABC).

It is an industry-standard to use specific account-based messaging. In a 2015 survey, SiriusDecisions found that over 90 percent of marketers realized the value of account-based marketing (ABM). That is a considerable number of believers, so there is no shortage of reasons why the practice is so alluring to B2B marketers.

Sure, you see value in ABM, but how does your ABM turn into relevant sales conversations?

What do we mean by this? Well, for ABM to work effectively, sales and marketing need to be in lockstep alignment on target, timing, and messaging. However, the reality is that these two entities rarely see eye-to-eye or work together.

For example, while marketing may champion the company message, sales tends to stick to conversations that time and again have delivered them to the promised land of monthly quota attainment. Or, how often do you see MQLs enter the sales cycle only to die because sales do not follow through, or if they do, it is with the inappropriate sales conversation – certainly not aligned to the nurtured MQL format.

So, how do you turn your ABM into ABCs?

This can be an intimidating task, especially when you think of the buyer’s journey as a two-part continuum. On one side, you have your marketing team that handles the initial contact through lead nurturing and pipeline development. Next, the partner or sales team needs to turn the lead into a qualified opportunity and then into revenue.

But if the sales conversation isn’t consistent with the ABM content or message, it’s probably wasted money and opportunity.

With the help of Qotient’s platform, this task is not as intimidating. Our software picks up where marketing automation systems stop. Through our Talk Track Framework, your Channel Partners have access to an arsenal of aligned account-based conversations along with insights, sales questions, and supporting marketing collateral at any time, from anywhere. Thus, enabling your sales team to more effectively convert MQLs to SQLs while capturing insights and sharing real-time results with management teams. And, with these real-time results and insights, management teams can dynamically control messaging, ensuring the right messaging is reaching the right audience at the right time.

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